It’s In Patience

It’s In Patience

I am here again.

I told you that I will tell you what to do to change the situation. The key is in Patience. Yes Patience. Patience is an important character trait that we have as seeds within us but we have to nurture it to grow from a tiny seed to a giant tree. I am a Christian and I can tell you that one of the character trait that God wants us to show to each other, those in our environment and most importantly to ourselves is Patience.

Everyone in life is on a journey and on this journey, we run different meter races based on the purpose and vision God has planned for our lives,Patience and the grace he has given to us for this journey. Some people run 100 meter races because God planned a 100 meter life for them. Others run 1500 meter races because God has planned that life and has given them the grace they require to run the race. The good thing is that based on the plan or race he has set before you, he equips you, by making you go through experiences that strengthen and prepare you for the destination he has planned for you. Usain Bolt cannot run a marathon because he has not been trained for it and if he attempts to, his chances of winning the trophy are slim when compared to a runner who has been training all his life to run the marathon.

Likewise, your friend may appear to have the kind of life that you desire but remember every one has the challenges they go through in life. For example do you know if your “admired” friend’s boyfriend hits her and she cannot tell anyone about it because she is afraid of being mocked or, do you know if the kind of life she has now, she is paying for it by being childless. My question to you is, can you pay the price she is paying to have the kind of life she has right now?

If you cannot, so why do you compare yourself to others. Life is a journey, be patient and run your race with humility, enjoy the experiences along the way, overcome the challenges, learn the lessons required, build positive relations and most importantly give as much love as you can to people around because God is love. Learn to be patient in life, with people around and most importantly with yourself – give yourself time to grow, work on being and not on having.

From this moment, instead of creating goals for the things you missed or wish you had, thank God for the life he gave you and the things you already have.

Cheers to 30 years and more.

It’s Me

It’s Me

Hi there,

How have you been? I have been caught up with a lot of work and it seems like it will never end, but that’s what you get when you live in a society that has a system that is designed to keep you as busy as a bee. Anyway, between the last time I posted and now, so many things have happened and trust me I learnt a lot of lessons from these events and I can tell you that I am classy girlway better than what I used to be.

One of the events was that I clocked the big 30. Yes I am 30 years old and I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to celebrate it with my friends and loved ones. Now when you celebrate a major birthday, most times, you will like to take stock of your life like reminiscing about your college days, work, past relationships, moments spent with loved ones and most importantly you have a mental notepad where you begin to cross out sour friendships, check positive ones and set new goals for the future. Some of these goals could be results of comparing your life with a friend or colleague who just clocked 30.

For some unknown and unfair reason, it seems everything is going on well with her, she has really nice and shiny hair, got promoted twice in a year while you have been in the same position for the past 3 years, her boyfriend is rich and takes her on trips to exotic places that you dream about- how did you know? You follow her on Instagram. She had 500,000 followers in 2 years and in 5 years you are struggling with 300. To make everything more annoying, she is getting married and has asked to you to be one of her bridesmaid.

Well I have good news for you, I am going to tell you what to do to turn the situation around.

Read the next post.


What’s Your Picture Like?

What’s Your Picture Like?

Related image

Hello Readers,

How was your day? I hope it was great and beautiful. Mine was great, but I had a runny nose and the air-conditioner close to my work cubicle kept blasting out cold air. Imagine experiencing winter right in your office. Anyway I survived amid sneezes and coughs. Thank God for hot water, green tea and apple cider. Yep, it was 5 o’clock today, and as usual, I was excited about getting off work and hitting the road early for home. l I have my radio stuck to K-Love for my favorite gospel songs (they keep me awake on the road, several times I have been tempted to pull over and take a 15-minute nap but K-Love keeps me alert). So while listening, the presenter said one of the most beautiful quotes I have ever heard in my life. These quotes got me thinking of the past, present and future. He said

Life is like a Camera

You focus on the important things,

Capture the beautiful moments,

Develop  from the negative,

and if things don’t turn out fine, you take another shot.

These words hit me hard and for a moment I thought about it that really if life is like a camera with limited films, will I waste my time on the less important things? Will I not be focused on capturing the most beautiful moments that become memories that will make me happy, inspire change and reflect the love and beauty in the world? Then I asked myself what pictures have I been taking for the past 29 years of my existence – yep, pictures of sooo many things both positive and negative. So what beautiful moments do I want to capture – I know there are challenges we experience everyday but we can find the positive and beautiful in the midst of it all. For example you lose a loved one and you are grieving, its a bit hard to deal with but in that situation, you remember that you are still alive to make a difference and make out time to spend with and appreciate friends and family that are still alive. And if in life, you have made attempts at doing many things and they did not turn out right,do not give up go back and try, at least like Micheal Faraday, you now know the things you should not do.

As a teenager, I hated losing ( hey who wants to be a loser), I would analyze situations and if it wont turn in my favor I would not go into it. So this mindset kept me away from so many things, but, a friend in church spoke to me about the importance of developing a personal mantra. Then I liked Eminem’s 8th mile and Aaliyah’s Try Again chorus, these two choruses became my mantra for trying again. After a while I realized that there is nothing wrong with trying again if you don’t get it right the first time.

Basically what am saying is if your life was a camera with films, what kind of pictures would people find if they were to examine your history, would it be beautiful moments, loving memories or negativity and regrets. Start today to capture beautiful moments; reach out to that person you hurt and apologize, take some time out with your friend and family members and most importantly give unconditional and wholehearted love because when you do it will come back to you, while at it Fall in Love, its the most beautiful euphoria.



For Love or For ….

For Love or For ….

Hi Readers,

Today has been blissful and yep I am counting down to the first day of fall (halloo weather forecast people on TV, what do you see?). OK,  today’s story is kinda juicy and I really need your thoughts on this. I saw a video on Facebook with the caption “I did not marry for love”. Usually I do not watch videos of people’s personal lives on Facebook but I guess boredom made me press play. Anyway fast forward to the contents of the video, the lady in the clip said some things that were spot on – true facts I will call them. Initially my thoughts were probably she chose not to marry for love due to past relationships, mistakes, pain, career or whatever however, after spending 2 minutes watching this clip I was convinced that ladies need to watch this to just get some cloud 9 thoughts outta way.

She emphasized 3 valid reasons for her decision; Building, Development and more Building not love. Well at these point let’s look at how love is captured in relationships. Most times (no research conducted please), it is described as a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone) or an intense feeling of deep affection. From these definitions (thanks to the dictionary) love in this context is tied to feelings. Therefore you marry or go into a relationship because of the feelings you have for someone. Right? But what if you wake up one morning and you notice that for the past 3 months you stopped feeling that deep romantic affection for, or sexual attachment to that person, Would you say you have fallen out of love or that love does not exist? What if the sex that made the love extra sweet suddenly went bad, would you say the sexual attraction is gone? But I thought love was eternal and went beyond the surface because if this emotional love can fade away then I guess it was probably not love, maybe something else.

At this moment I will like to take a moment to sing in my Jennifer Hudson voice.. Could this be love , tell me what it is…… (lol)

What I am trying to explain here is that you can be  sexually attracted to a person or have some form of attraction… you know what am talking about, but not really love that person because love is a choice. A choice to stay with a person no matter what he or she may look, act, talk, dress, smell or eat like and not just to stay with that person like you are being punished for your sins but to see to it that you are happy and making that person happy while bringing out the best of that person without changing who he is. Now that is Love. Have you ever heard of the idiom Love me Love my dog, it means love me and everything about me including all my excesses.

At this point, it will be great if you can rethink your definition of love and ask yourself if you really love this person well enough to live with their excesses without trying to make them change to suit your picture of the perfect person because as you are being intolerant about their personality , there are certain things about you your partner may never have complained about but is learning to love you the way you are.

Remember love is a give,give,give and keep giving situation.


( Will continue my discussion in the next post)

Are You My Soul Mate?

Are You My Soul Mate?

Hello readers,

Fall is here and I am excited about it because its my favorite time of the year, when i get to see the beauty and best of nature. Green leaves turn red, brown, orange and yellow; it is always a beautiful sight to see the different colors of tree leaves as you drive down the road. Besides the fall colors that take your breath away, it is also the time you see fashion at its best – the boots, autumn jackets, scarves and accessories that emphasize your features as you try to keep cold away.

Today I want to talk about Soulmates – Do you believe in Soulmates?

I came across the word soulmates as a teenager probably because I read a lot of books most especially romance novels and they made me believe in it then because that was the concept of true love that was published to the world. I remember sitting outside and looking at the stars as a 15-yr old hoping Mr. Soulmate would find me. Fast track to my 17th birthday, I got the news that Mr. Soulmate had an accident on his way to find me (Na just joking) anyway, right now, I do not believe it anymore. Basically because I think the concept is an overemphasized fallacy and must have been created by authors to add mystery to relationships between characters in novels.

Helloo,  relationships work when both parties work towards making it work ; can two work together except if they agree? I have seen two self proclaimed soulmates or star-cross lovers split and trust me it was a horrible story.  And I have seen regular people who worked at their relationships and sorted out the glitches live a happily ever after. So what are we selling to ourselves, is it not time we stopped believing in this and crash to reality. Hey if you are out there and believe in it, its okay as  long as the concept works well for you but ladies do not use soulmates stories as an excuse to be in a terrible relationship or to stick with a guy for 10 years, trust me by the 11th year, he is tired of you and is already desiring another lady.

Basically before you go about believing, accepting and proclaiming certain words, carry out a research on their origin and situations they were used to describe, who knows maybe the word you have been using to describe your relationship is what is making it a mess. For example, one thing I know about soulmates is that you can only have one soulmate so if in your relationship your partner is your soulmate or star-crossed lover, trust me if he  dies you will be single for the rest of your life because you can only have one soulmate. So try to rethink before you call him your soulmate.

Tell me what you think about soulmates.

Vaginal Detox: To Be or Not To Be?

Vaginal Detox: To Be or Not To Be?

Hi there, its good to be back. I have been away for a while on what I will call Blogoliday – if there is a word like that and even if there is none… well, i just invented a word that describes going on a blogging holiday. Anyway, it is good to be back. So I will continue from my last post on Vaginal detox.

Yep.. I mean detox… removing toxic wastes from the vagina. There has been this excitement and rave going on among women about using Goddess or Yoni vaginal detox pearls to detox the vagina. These detox pearls are made from herbs like rhubarb, angelica, mothersworth, rhizoma and borneol and are wrapped with fabric into balls or tea bag shapes. They are gently inserted and deposited at the mouth of the cervix with the help of an applicator. Some ladies have praised its ability to remove lots of stuff and when I say stuff,  I mean real Vjay stuff like bacteria, vaginal wall linings and the list goes on. Others claimed that vaginal detox treated yeast infection,  uterus infection (if there is anything like that), helped with fertility, irregular menstrual flows  and tightened their vaginas.

Image result for goddess detoxImage result for goddess detox

Well I do not have a problem with those who use either the pearls or steam detoxing process, as long as the results are what they expected. But hello people what happened to the natural process of the vagina cleaning itself, and getting rid of odor and bad bacteria without external fighting forces. What about seeking professional advice from a gynecologist if you are that concerned about your uterus and vagina.

Anyway, if you are out there and have come in contact with or used any vagina detox, please hit me up and share your experience with me. You never can tell, your opinion might make me want to explore it.

Did You Know That…

Did You Know That…

Hi everyone,

I have been catching up with spending time with family, friends and loved ones. Today I decided to focus one of the most important part of the female body… Our genital; The Vagina. I came across the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls and I took time out to check out videos on reviews from users and read a couple of articles on it (which i will share in my next post). However, I decided to share some common tips on vaginal healthcare that have been tried and proven to work, and hope as you incorporate these into your life style, you would see some improvements in your VeeVee section.

Did you know that …

1. The vagina washes itself hence the discharge you see. So you do not need any douche or feminine wash, all you have to do is squat very well in the bathroom and rinse with a lot of  water. Also you can use a soap-less sponge to gently scrub away any dead skin.  You should only be worried about the discharges if it has an unusual odor or color that is different from the regular color.

2 The vaginal discharge varies in color at different time of the woman’s menstrual cycle.It could be white or creamy when it comes out but when it dries up it has a creamy color  and gets stuck to your panties like dried starch. That is why ladies should always wear pantyliner to collect this contents. During the week of your ovulation especially on the ovulation day, the vaginal discharge is a transparent white and sticky substance but after your ovulation week it returns to its regular color.

3. It is more hygienic to clean from front to back after urinating or pooing to prevent bacteria infection of your genitals.

4. When urinating try to lean forward to avoid the urine splashing back to your genitals. If you urinate sitting up directly, the urine will splash back and would eventually affect the health of your vagina.

5. When you urinate do not clean up with dry tissue, dampen the tissue a bit before cleaning up and then completely clean up with dry tissue. If you use dry tissue, it does not take out the smell of urine like a damp or slightly wet tissue would and then cleaning up with dry tissue after the wet tissue will take care of every moisture and avoid bacteria infection or smell.

6. After having sex, you should try as much as possible to urinate almost immediately, it is beneficial to your vagina’s health.

7. A healthy vagina is pink in color, well moisturized on the inside and does not take long in getting itself wet and slippery for a sexual coitus.

8. The pubic hair around the vagina should be trimmed and well cleaned to prevent infection.

9. Drinking a lot of water helps with the cleaning process of your body and vagina.

10. Wearing tight  panties restricts the flow of air to the genitals and non-cotton panties do not trap moisture. Try to wear panties that allow your genitals breathe and  go “Commando” when you sleep at night so you can get some air there. Some ladies say they cannot go commando but ensure you have a shower and change your panties before you sleep. Wearing the same panties all day increases your chances of infection.


Try these tips for a week and let me know what you think about it or if there is any improvement in your vaginal health.