I am a social scientist and I love to do research and ask questions about why things are not working or functioning as they should especially when it comes to people and human relations. I would not claim that I know it all but I do know that as an individual, I experienced so many challenges in my “Singleness” journey and in need of solutions, I searched and read whatever book I could lay my hands on that could invest in my personality.

As I did this, a thought crossed my mind about how many ladies out there are going through what am going through right now, and there is no one to share with, either because you don’t trust people easily, you are afraid of being condemned for your actions or you just don’t believe in yourself. So I decided to start a blog, to share and help as many ladies as I can. As I said I do not know it all but Single and Classy is a blog that I started to learn from and share with single ladies, the things that I have learnt.