It’s In Patience

It’s In Patience

I am here again.

I told you that I will tell you what to do to change the situation. The key is in Patience. Yes Patience. Patience is an important character trait that we have as seeds within us but we have to nurture it to grow from a tiny seed to a giant tree. I am a Christian and I can tell you that one of the character trait that God wants us to show to each other, those in our environment and most importantly to ourselves is Patience.

Everyone in life is on a journey and on this journey, we run different meter races based on the purpose and vision God has planned for our lives,Patience and the grace he has given to us for this journey. Some people run 100 meter races because God planned a 100 meter life for them. Others run 1500 meter races because God has planned that life and has given them the grace they require to run the race. The good thing is that based on the plan or race he has set before you, he equips you, by making you go through experiences that strengthen and prepare you for the destination he has planned for you. Usain Bolt cannot run a marathon because he has not been trained for it and if he attempts to, his chances of winning the trophy are slim when compared to a runner who has been training all his life to run the marathon.

Likewise, your friend may appear to have the kind of life that you desire but remember every one has the challenges they go through in life. For example do you know if your “admired” friend’s boyfriend hits her and she cannot tell anyone about it because she is afraid of being mocked or, do you know if the kind of life she has now, she is paying for it by being childless. My question to you is, can you pay the price she is paying to have the kind of life she has right now?

If you cannot, so why do you compare yourself to others. Life is a journey, be patient and run your race with humility, enjoy the experiences along the way, overcome the challenges, learn the lessons required, build positive relations and most importantly give as much love as you can to people around because God is love. Learn to be patient in life, with people around and most importantly with yourself – give yourself time to grow, work on being and not on having.

From this moment, instead of creating goals for the things you missed or wish you had, thank God for the life he gave you and the things you already have.

Cheers to 30 years and more.

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