What’s Your Picture Like?

What’s Your Picture Like?

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Hello Readers,

How was your day? I hope it was great and beautiful. Mine was great, but I had a runny nose and the air-conditioner close to my work cubicle kept blasting out cold air. Imagine experiencing winter right in your office. Anyway I survived amid sneezes and coughs. Thank God for hot water, green tea and apple cider. Yep, it was 5 o’clock today, and as usual, I was excited about getting off work and hitting the road early for home. l I have my radio stuck to K-Love for my favorite gospel songs (they keep me awake on the road, several times I have been tempted to pull over and take a 15-minute nap but K-Love keeps me alert). So while listening, the presenter said one of the most beautiful quotes I have ever heard in my life. These quotes got me thinking of the past, present and future. He said

Life is like a Camera

You focus on the important things,

Capture the beautiful moments,

Develop  from the negative,

and if things don’t turn out fine, you take another shot.

These words hit me hard and for a moment I thought about it that really if life is like a camera with limited films, will I waste my time on the less important things? Will I not be focused on capturing the most beautiful moments that become memories that will make me happy, inspire change and reflect the love and beauty in the world? Then I asked myself what pictures have I been taking for the past 29 years of my existence – yep, pictures of sooo many things both positive and negative. So what beautiful moments do I want to capture – I know there are challenges we experience everyday but we can find the positive and beautiful in the midst of it all. For example you lose a loved one and you are grieving, its a bit hard to deal with but in that situation, you remember that you are still alive to make a difference and make out time to spend with and appreciate friends and family that are still alive. And if in life, you have made attempts at doing many things and they did not turn out right,do not give up go back and try, at least like Micheal Faraday, you now know the things you should not do.

As a teenager, I hated losing ( hey who wants to be a loser), I would analyze situations and if it wont turn in my favor I would not go into it. So this mindset kept me away from so many things, but, a friend in church spoke to me about the importance of developing a personal mantra. Then I liked Eminem’s 8th mile and Aaliyah’s Try Again chorus, these two choruses became my mantra for trying again. After a while I realized that there is nothing wrong with trying again if you don’t get it right the first time.

Basically what am saying is if your life was a camera with films, what kind of pictures would people find if they were to examine your history, would it be beautiful moments, loving memories or negativity and regrets. Start today to capture beautiful moments; reach out to that person you hurt and apologize, take some time out with your friend and family members and most importantly give unconditional and wholehearted love because when you do it will come back to you, while at it Fall in Love, its the most beautiful euphoria.



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