Are You My Soul Mate?

Are You My Soul Mate?

Hello readers,

Fall is here and I am excited about it because its my favorite time of the year, when i get to see the beauty and best of nature. Green leaves turn red, brown, orange and yellow; it is always a beautiful sight to see the different colors of tree leaves as you drive down the road. Besides the fall colors that take your breath away, it is also the time you see fashion at its best – the boots, autumn jackets, scarves and accessories that emphasize your features as you try to keep cold away.

Today I want to talk about Soulmates – Do you believe in Soulmates?

I came across the word soulmates as a teenager probably because I read a lot of books most especially romance novels and they made me believe in it then because that was the concept of true love that was published to the world. I remember sitting outside and looking at the stars as a 15-yr old hoping Mr. Soulmate would find me. Fast track to my 17th birthday, I got the news that Mr. Soulmate had an accident on his way to find me (Na just joking) anyway, right now, I do not believe it anymore. Basically because I think the concept is an overemphasized fallacy and must have been created by authors to add mystery to relationships between characters in novels.

Helloo,  relationships work when both parties work towards making it work ; can two work together except if they agree? I have seen two self proclaimed soulmates or star-cross lovers split and trust me it was a horrible story.  And I have seen regular people who worked at their relationships and sorted out the glitches live a happily ever after. So what are we selling to ourselves, is it not time we stopped believing in this and crash to reality. Hey if you are out there and believe in it, its okay as  long as the concept works well for you but ladies do not use soulmates stories as an excuse to be in a terrible relationship or to stick with a guy for 10 years, trust me by the 11th year, he is tired of you and is already desiring another lady.

Basically before you go about believing, accepting and proclaiming certain words, carry out a research on their origin and situations they were used to describe, who knows maybe the word you have been using to describe your relationship is what is making it a mess. For example, one thing I know about soulmates is that you can only have one soulmate so if in your relationship your partner is your soulmate or star-crossed lover, trust me if he  dies you will be single for the rest of your life because you can only have one soulmate. So try to rethink before you call him your soulmate.

Tell me what you think about soulmates.

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