Did You Know That…

Did You Know That…

Hi everyone,

I have been catching up with spending time with family, friends and loved ones. Today I decided to focus one of the most important part of the female body… Our genital; The Vagina. I came across the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls and I took time out to check out videos on reviews from users and read a couple of articles on it (which i will share in my next post). However, I decided to share some common tips on vaginal healthcare that have been tried and proven to work, and hope as you incorporate these into your life style, you would see some improvements in your VeeVee section.

Did you know that …

1. The vagina washes itself hence the discharge you see. So you do not need any douche or feminine wash, all you have to do is squat very well in the bathroom and rinse with a lot of  water. Also you can use a soap-less sponge to gently scrub away any dead skin.  You should only be worried about the discharges if it has an unusual odor or color that is different from the regular color.

2 The vaginal discharge varies in color at different time of the woman’s menstrual cycle.It could be white or creamy when it comes out but when it dries up it has a creamy color  and gets stuck to your panties like dried starch. That is why ladies should always wear pantyliner to collect this contents. During the week of your ovulation especially on the ovulation day, the vaginal discharge is a transparent white and sticky substance but after your ovulation week it returns to its regular color.

3. It is more hygienic to clean from front to back after urinating or pooing to prevent bacteria infection of your genitals.

4. When urinating try to lean forward to avoid the urine splashing back to your genitals. If you urinate sitting up directly, the urine will splash back and would eventually affect the health of your vagina.

5. When you urinate do not clean up with dry tissue, dampen the tissue a bit before cleaning up and then completely clean up with dry tissue. If you use dry tissue, it does not take out the smell of urine like a damp or slightly wet tissue would and then cleaning up with dry tissue after the wet tissue will take care of every moisture and avoid bacteria infection or smell.

6. After having sex, you should try as much as possible to urinate almost immediately, it is beneficial to your vagina’s health.

7. A healthy vagina is pink in color, well moisturized on the inside and does not take long in getting itself wet and slippery for a sexual coitus.

8. The pubic hair around the vagina should be trimmed and well cleaned to prevent infection.

9. Drinking a lot of water helps with the cleaning process of your body and vagina.

10. Wearing tight  panties restricts the flow of air to the genitals and non-cotton panties do not trap moisture. Try to wear panties that allow your genitals breathe and  go “Commando” when you sleep at night so you can get some air there. Some ladies say they cannot go commando but ensure you have a shower and change your panties before you sleep. Wearing the same panties all day increases your chances of infection.


Try these tips for a week and let me know what you think about it or if there is any improvement in your vaginal health.

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