What’s Your Depth Like?

What’s Your Depth Like?

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Hi ladies, recently I stumbled upon something important that it literally blew my mind and I thought about sharing it with y’all.

Honestly, all ladies are beautiful, in whatever shape, size and height they come in, they are all beautiful, trust me, there is a man out there that loves you the way you are. The truth is men have so many ladies to choose from, there are thousands of ladies that have the same shape, height, size and are more beautiful than you are, so when a man chooses to be with you, stop putting him under unnecessary pressure or giving him an attitude, if you push too much, he will leave after all there are many fishes in the water and since he has chosen to eat mackerel but the bones are giving him a hard time, he would choose an alternative.

I know you will say if he wants me he will fight for you, yes he will but you need to give him the green light as John Legend sang, even Rapunzel in her massive tower let down her hair for prince charming to come in. With that being said, let’s get back to today’s topic. So among these beautiful ladies, what is that thing that makes you unique, sets you apart from every lady out there? Take your time to think about it and send your comments.

What I have discovered from studies and personal observation is DEPTH.
Yes depth. In today’s world, most people especially ladies are carried away with frivolous things such that the inner character that defines who we are and attracts people to us is gradually fading out. We spend more time investing in our physical looks, on Instagram and snap-chats than improving our personality and character. When I say depth, I mean quality, pedigree and a situation where your personality is as attractive as and reflects your appearance. For example if you are beautiful physically but your character is nasty and you are shallow, that is a total turn off for whoever comes your way because your beauty inside should radiate outside.So if, what a person gets from you is a nasty attitude, you are nasty and no matter how beautiful you are, people cannot put up with nastiness for too long.

Also, depth reflects in your conversations with people, your choice of words and reactions. For example, ladies that call other ladies bitches, hoes or use vulgar words are obviously shallow and lack self esteem and respect. Similarly, can a man be with you, be relaxed and have an intelligent conversation with you for more than 1 hour without you cracking up stupidly? Does he get bored after spending 30 minutes with you? Can you go to the bar with a guy without requesting for a bottle of Guinness or similar beer that a man drinks? When you drink like this, the man sees you as one of the boys or a drinking partner and then you wonder why he has no respect for you or he is seeing other women. Oh girl! if you are like this, then you need to begin to readjust yourself.

Class, integrity, sophistication are part of the byproducts of depth. Do you stick to your words when you tell the boo I will stop clubbing or seeing my ex? Do you get angry unnecessarily or over small matters and throw a tantrum? Girl! men hate stress, they experience it every day because of the demands placed on them, being with the babe is a time for them to ease off stress but when babe is a fighter and a nag…. he will hit the road. What is your dressing like? Do you dress like a cheap girl or your dressing reveals the classy lady that you are?

Basically, take a moment to think about all these, ask yourself if your appearance reflects you because if you are ugly on the inside and beautiful outside, after a while, your ugliness will overtake the beauty. Similarly, learn to look for this depth in men because you need it, to have a great relationship.

Finally remember to leave your comments below on the unique quality you look for in a man or you feel sets you apart from other women out there.

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