Men Don’t Fall In Love With Perfect Women (Discussion)

Men Don’t Fall In Love With Perfect Women (Discussion)

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For today’s post, I said I was going to discuss the previous posts on men falling in love with perfect women. The word perfection is relative to the user and the context within which it is being used. Generally, we are not the same, were not brought up the same way and are from different countries where culture and tradition differ, so the definition of perfection will differ because of these features. The only constant standard for perfection and excellence is  God and his word, which he has given us to live by because he knows the ways of man are not perfect, and because of the societal norms and man-made customs, our thoughts can lack excellence. Nevertheless, in all these he loves and accepts us the way we are well enough to send Jesus to die for mankind.

Likewise, the guy that claims to love you, will love you with the flaws et al. Funny stuff could be that those flaws are what attracted you to him more than the good things you think you have. In this context, perfection to him could be lip gloss and white talc powder meanwhile you are busy spending so much money on M.A.C and MaryKay products, why not find out what he likes and does not like about you and improve upon them

“I believe one of the biggest roadblocks to romance is our need and desire to be perfect. It is our desire to be “enough” that is causing us much of the pain and suffering.” (D. Shen, 2017)

The truth is that most ladies feel that until they go into a relationship, that’s when they should start taking care of the pimples and acne on their faces, the body odor or the nasty attitude.  You should not do that because of him, you should seek self improvement for yourself – simply because being better makes you and those around you happy and brings out the best of you. What you may think is “enough” might be the huge turnoff in your relationship. So don’t seek to make yourself perfect but focus on self improvement that makes you and those around you happy.

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