Like Fine Wine (Single and Loving it 2)

Like Fine Wine (Single and Loving it 2)

I am not a relationship expert and do not have a degree in human relations, but I can tell you confidently that relationships are important. I have heard people say that no man is an island, and others have contended this quote by justifying self sufficiency. I am not arguing with that because truly each individual is a complete package created by God and all that you need, to be who you are is inside of you. I will compare you to the cell.

Biologically, the cell is the smallest unit of life and it has all it needs to self exist, so do you. However, the cell needs to connect with other cells to be able to discover and maximize its full potentials. By itself, it’s a cell that exists alone but with other cells especially the right ones, it realizes that together  “Hey, I can grow to become a tissue and then with other tissues, I can grow to be an organ and achieve greater things in life”. And this is what you need …to achieve greater things with and in your life.

So just like the cell, you need friends… the right friends and the  period you are by yourself is the right time to choose (if you have a sea of friends) the right ones who are loyal, understanding and take you just the way you are. If you have few friends or are selective when it comes to making friends, then your best bet is to either go through the ones you have and choose the right ones or you make new friends. Because this friend or these friends, either old or new, have a role in helping you discover more about yourself and maximizing your potentials. I know its not easy making new friends, because it takes time to figure them out, build trust etc. but if the old ones are not who they are, Girl you need to move out and on. The most important thing is that when you start the friendship, especially with the new ones, ensure its a good one becuse as the saying goes “good friends are like fine wine, they only get better with age”.

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