Relationship Standards, Yea or Nay?

Today , I had a long chat with one of my friends and guess what our conversation was about….Relationships. She wanted to know my opinion about dating and possibly marrying a single father. She told me about this handsome guy she met in church and explained that he is hardworking, committed in church, understanding, good, kind and the list goes on. My friend is in her late thirties and I asked her if she liked him. Her answer was “Yes I kinda like him but I don’t think I do anymore” and I asked her why she did not like the guy any more after all the positive characteristics. She said “because he has a child from another woman and that I want to be the first wife my husband will ever have”. My thoughts were ” come on woman, he is a good man and a Christian who is committed to and passionate about the things of God, what else do you want?” Her narration ended at the fact that the guy dangled his upper class status like a a piece of carrot before a hungry bunny and she is not desperate for his status and class. She does not want to be accused of marrying him because of his status. My advice to her was pray and talk to God about it, I am sure he would tell you what to do.

Ladies what do you think, should she accept his marriage offer after all the features she described or move on trusting in God for another man. After all, the gentleman in question met all her criteria except that he had a child from a previous marriage.Also, if you were in her shoes, what would you do?

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