The Beautiful Gift

“You alone, are already all the things you could ever hope to be: Confident, Happy, Free, Spirited, Ambitious, Determined, Independent, Strong, and most of all, Brave”…. Mandy Hale

I came across the quote above and all I could think of is how valid is this. Do single ladies truly believe they are, by themselves, singularly, in their individual uniqueness, all the things they could ever hope to be? Do they think they are confident and can ever find happiness in being who they are regardless of the size, color, age, body shape and status? Are they strong enough to be independent, determined enough to lay down rules and stick to their personal principles, yet, knowing when to bend or be flexible in life?

Since there was no one around, so I asked myself these questions and the only conclusion I could come to is Yes. Yes, yes and yes we do know how to be happy without completely drawing energy from external influences, we know that we burst forth with strong beams of energy like the sun in all its fullness and we know when to make the rules and break them because we want to and are single.

Being a single lady is one of the most precious moments of life, because of the aura of simplicity it bears. Many mistaken it for being alone, but you are not alone because you are surrounded by colleagues, friends, family members, neighbors, cars, buildings ¬†and pets. I would rather term it “Being by oneself”- which is the most beautiful gift to give yourself. So I hope as you read through, every post will inspire you to appreciate this beautiful gift.